Trans & Gender Diverse Biography and Memoir

Awards:Winner of National Book Critics Circle Awards: Criticism 2015.

An intrepid voyage out to the frontiers of the latest thinking about love, language, and family Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts is a genre-bending memoir, a work of "autotheory" offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the li... read more


The Argonauts
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 LGBTI & Queer Studies

LGBT people are some of the coolest in history - Freddie Mercury, Divine, Virginia Woolf, Marlene Dietrich, Andy Warhol... the list goes on. Queer subculture has had an enormous impact on style, music, science, art and literature... read more

November 2017

50 Queers Who Changed the World: A celebration of LGBTQ+ icons
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"The self-described black feminist lesbian mother poet used a mixture of prose, theory, poetry, and experience to interrogate oppressions and uplift marginalized communities. She was one of the first black feminists to target heteronormativity, and to enco... read more

A Burst of Light: and Other Essays
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Neither queer theory nor queer activism has fully reckoned with the role of race in the emergence of the modern gay subject. In A Taste for Brown Bodies, Hiram Pérez traces the development  of gay modernity and its ... read more

A Taste for Brown Bodies: Gay Modernity and Cosmopolitan Desire
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In this volume, teachers from urban, suburban, and rural districts join together in a teacher inquiry group to challenge homophobia and heterosexism in schools and classrooms. To create safe learning environments for all students they address key topics, inclu... read more

Acting Out: Combating Homophobia Through Teacher Activism
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The alliance of critical theory between Frankfurt and ParisAdorno, Foucault and the Critique of the West argues that critical theory continues to offer valuable resources for critique and contestation during this turbulent period. To assess thes... read more

February 2019

Adorno, Foucault and the Critique of the West
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 LGBTI & Queer Studies

Series:Sexual Cultures Ser.

A manifesto for more life, After the Party examines minoritarian artists who mobilize performance to survive the conditions of annihilation wrought by overlapping, histories of white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and heteropatriarch... read more

September 2018

After the Party - A Manifesto for Queer of Color Life
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When “rights” go wrong.Does gay marriage support the right-wing goal of linking access to basic human rights like health care and economic security to an inherently conservative tradition?Will the ability of queers to fight in wars of imperia... read more

Against Equality: Not Mere Inclusion
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 LGBTI & Queer Studies

Racism, extremism, anti-democratic sentiment - our increasingly polarized world is dominated by a type of thinking that doubts others' positions but never its own.
In a powerful challenge to fundamentalism in all its forms, Carolin Emcke, one of Germany's leading intelle... read more

january 201J

Against Hate
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A "Boston Globe" Best Nonfiction Book of 2011Celebrated as one of the most poignant stylists of his generation, Andre Aciman has written a luminous series of linked essays about time, place, identity, and art that show him at his very finest. From beautiful and m... read more

Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere
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In this smart, intimate, and conversational book, Cynthia Eller delves into the twin thickets of gender theory and everyday experience to ask how we decide who is a woman-and why we find the answer important. Is a woman defined by her anatomy? Does ... read more

Am I a Woman?: A Skeptic's Guide to Gender
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From an award-winning writer whose work bristles with hard-won strength, insight, agility, and love (Maggie Nelson), an exquisite and troubling narrative of masculinity, violence, and society
In this groundbreaking new book, the author, a t... read more

September 2018

Amateur - A True Story about What Makes a Man
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