'There's nothing as wonderful as starting to heal, waking up in the morning and knowing that nobody can hurt you if you don't let them.' Beginning to Heal offers hope and guidance for all survivors starting the healing journey. No matter how great your pain today, you can not only heal but thrive.... read more

Beginning to Heal A First Book for Men and Women Who Were Sexually Abused As Children
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This groundbreaking study of lesbian survivors of childhood sexual abuse addresses the endemic feelings of horrible isolation and shame experienced by survivors through the words of 60 women who shared with Rafanello their inspiring stories of recovery. In addition, Rafanello includes up-to-date resea... read more

Can't Touch My Soul: Guide for Lesbian Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
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Cardinal George Pell, Australia's most powerful Catholic, has been found guilty of five sexual crimes against children. Updated edition. He is the most senior Catholic figure in the world to be charged by police and co... read more

April 2019

Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell UPDATED edition
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An encouraging, sex-positive guide for all women survivors of sexual assault -- heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, coupled, and single -- who want to reclaim their sex lives. While most books on the topic broach sexuality only to ... read more

Healing Sex : A mind-body approach to healing sexual trauma
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In Mike Lew's first book, Victims No Longer, he challenged misconceptions about male victimization. In Leaping upon the Mountains, he follows up by focusing on the reality of recovery. Drawing insights from men from 45 countries who survived childhood sexual abuse, Lew presents a powerful picture of h... read more

Leaping Upon the Mountains: Men Proclaiming Victory Over Sexual Child Abuse
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Without being taught about body boundaries, a child may be too young to understand when abuse is happening—or that it's wrong. This straightforward, gentle book offers a tool parents, teachers, and counselors can use to help children feel, be, a... read more

My Body Belongs to Me: A Book about Body Safety
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 Overcoming Sexual Abuse

A personal and moral inquiry into the crime we do our best to ignore: the rape of adult men
When Raymond M. Douglas was an eighteen-year-old living in Europe, he was brutally raped by a Catholic priest. He eventually moved to the United States and became a highly r... read more

On Being Raped
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An important book for any adult who was abused or neglected in childhood. It's an important book for professionals who help others. It's a book of questions that can help pinpoint and illuminate destructive patterns. The answers you discover can lead to a life filled with new insight, hope and love.

Outgrowing the Pain : A book for and about adults abused as children
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We all experience pain. It is a crucial part of human life. Our pain may find expression as sadness, anger, anxiety, various mental disorders or addiction. Ultimately, these are the same: All pain exposes our wounds. But while pain i... read more

Pain is Potential: Finding Purpose Through Your Story
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 Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Schools have taught children road safety and domestic safety skills for many years, and are now being asked to teach personal safety skills. This is a handbook for teachers and counsellors working with primary-aged children, offering guidance and practical suggestions on all aspects of this issue. ... read more

Teaching Children to Protect Themselves
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A Sunday Times Book of the Year'Passionate and courageous, insightful and humane, funny and moving, this is a wonderful book' David Nicholls, author of One DayGraham Caveney was born in 1964 in Accrington: a town in the no... read more

May 2018

The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness: A Memoir of an Adolescence
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The Courage to Heal is an inspiring, comprehensive guide that offers hope and encouragement to every woman who, was sexually abused as a child -- and those who care about her. Although the effects of child sexual abuse are long-term and severe, healing is possible. The authors weave personal experienc... read more

The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
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