Sybilla Dankwork Bundle (Books 1 – 4)

Author(s): Andrew McNamara

Young Adult Fiction | Australian/Aotearoa | Window Display

International criminals are attempting to gain control of the world’s weather. A twelve year-old girl named Sybilla Dankworth is determined to stop them.

Book 1 – Ox

Sybilla’s parents died in strange circumstances when she was one year old. Since then, she’s been brought up by two uncles: her father’s brother George, who’s a transgender man, and her mother’s brother Martin, who’s a fussy, gay languages teacher. Sometimes, Sybilla is bullied at school because of her rainbow family.

One day, a card arrives containing a strange message. A new world is opens up for Sybilla. She learns of a secret spy organisation of which her uncles are a part, about cracking codes and how her parents really died.

Sybilla and her uncles travel to remote Queensland, intending to quietly gather information, but instead encountering theft and murder. When her uncles are held at gunpoint, Sybilla knows she must take action to save them.

Book 2 – Snake

A new uncle, Bang, turns up. He likes to blow things up. Sybilla loves him, but her gay dad Martin is alarmed at Bang’s arrival.

Six coded messages arrive and Sybilla and her uncles learn of some weather control demonstrations they must sabotage. They travel to three continents for their spy work.

Of course, things go wrong. Sybilla’s uncle Ravi is taken hostage and Sybilla has a rather unpleasant face-to-face encounter with the leader of the world’s most successful criminal enterprises.

But, at last, Sybilla finds out who actually killed her parents. This makes her more determined than ever to stop criminal organisation Terst’s weather control scheme.

Book 3 – Rooster

Sybilla’s uncle Bang said, “If someone in your car tries to call someone, or attempts to get out of the car, or wants to rewire the electronics, you press one of the ‘I don’t think so’ buttons.”

“Okay, Bang.” Sybilla looked closely at the buttons.

One of Sybilla’s dads, Martin, had warned her that her uncles Sam and Bang are always trouble together, but Sybilla’s other dad, George, is really excited by the prospect.

Sybilla and her uncles go to Geneva. Sybilla knew that her uncles were very talented, but didn’t realise just how reckless they can be. Obviously, she’ll need to save the day again.

Book 4 – Dragon

If you’ve ever had Child Services come to your home to ask questions about your strange rainbow family, and, at the same time, two ruthless assassins turn up to execute everyone in the house, you’ll have some idea what Sybilla Dankworth’s life has become.

Sybilla and her uncles travel to the Arctic, to the top secret headquarters of Terst, the criminal organisation attempting to control the world’s weather.

This is the end game. Only one party can walk away from this final confrontation. And what’s also quite terrifying is that Sybilla’s parent Martin is giving her one-on-one lessons on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. 

November 2020


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