There comes a time comes when we have to face realities in life. For some, reality slaps them in the face - refusing to be ignored.On the surface, everything looked perfect. Anthony Venn-Brown was a po... read more

October 2015

A Life of Unlearning — A preacher's struggle with his homosexuality, church and faith
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 Gay Male & Bi Biography

Adopted as a baby towards the end of World War II, Robert Dessaix grew up haunted by 'a shaft of silence' surrounding the question of his natural mother's identity, and of his own identity and sexuality. In this touching memoir, he recounts the story of a most unusual... read more

July 2017

A Mother’s Disgrace
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Jackson “Jacko” Smith is dyslexic, but like many people affected by the learning disability, he is highly intelligent. His best friend Sammy Collins helps him get through school and unlocks his potential. Jacko progresses through the ranks of loca... read more


A Nice Normal Family
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Michael Kirby is one of Australia's most admired public figures. At a time of spin and obfuscation, he speaks out passionately and straightforwardly on the issues that are important to him. Even those who disagree with him have been moved by the ... read more

A Private Life: Fragments, Memories, Friends
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 General Anthology


'A Storytelling of Ravens' contains the work we have published over the last three years. This collection is nothing if not eclectic, swinging from the macabre - zombies, werewolves, spiders! - to the frivolous. There's revenge-baking, sex with a ... read more

A Storytelling of Ravens
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 Lesbian & Bi Crime and Romance

n Paris, Lark tells her fiancE Martin she is pregnant, news he takes badly.
Weeks before, they arrive in Paris to stay with their friends Jordy and Guil. On holiday their sex life escalates. Lark's periods are irregular and a taken pregnancy test proves pos... read more

A Travelling Lark
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Forty years have passed since the publication of Dennis Altman's crucial text, Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation, which captured the vibrant and violent explosions of the gay liberation movement. On this anniversary, Carolyn D'Cruz and Mark Pendleton... read more

After Homosexual: The Legacies of Gay Liberation
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"In ANATOMIZE, Natasha Dennerstein is the poet as sensual anatomist, delineating the corporeal realm with a kind of spiritual fervor. What we are, we are, she splendidly affirms, from our heads down to our toes. Reciting the saga of her own encounters with mortality, with beginnings and endin... read more

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 Gay Male & Bi Biography

Noel Tovey’s previous memoir, Little Black Bastard ( Hodder Headline Australia 2004, shortlisted Victorian Premier’s Prize for Indigenous Writing, Australian Human Rights Award) chronicled his extraordinary life – from a childhood lived in poverty, t... read more


And then I found me
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 Gay & Bi Male Fiction

The stories included in Anywhere But Here share common themes: eccentricity, displacement, and the author's own sense of being an outsider, an observer of the unique and myrad forms of self-expression.
These stories are a mixture of travel tale, memoir and fiction.... read more

Anywhere But Here...
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One Sunday afternoon in a secluded valley in Normandy, Robert Dessaix chanced upon the castle where the 20th-century French writer Andre Gide spent his childhood. Recalling the excitement he felt when he first read Gide as a teenager, Dessaix sets off to... read more

July 2017

Arabesques: A Tale of Double Lives
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Sex over 70 by Doreen Wendt-WeirGender transition by Sally Conning

Sex in aged care by Dr Catherine Barrett
Dance and sexuality by Janet W. Hardy
Naturism by Sam Twyford-Moore
Porn and feminism by Ellena Savage
Bisexuality and stigm... read more

Archer Magazine #4 The Ageing Issue
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