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Beyond Priscilla: One Gay Man, One Gay Truck, One Big Idea
Witthaus, Daniel
266 days driving around rural, regional and urban Australia challenging homophobia. The Beyond 'That's So Gay' National Tour.
In a 38 week road trip around Australia, Daniel Witthaus discovered what contemporary life is really like for LGBT people – life beyond the stereotypes, life 'beyond Priscilla'. Daniel's simple aim was to challenge and confront homophobia 'one cuppa a (more...)
Price: $29.95

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Black Rabbit Summer
Brooks, Kevin
Pete Boland was busy doing nothing that summer. Long, stiflingly hot, lazy days stretched ahead of him. Then she called.
Listen Pete . . . you know that funfair, up at the recreation ground . . . I thought we could all meet up . . . You know, for old times' sake.
But, where there are old times, there are old tensions. And as secrets, bitterness and jealousies resur (more...)
Price: $19.95

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Bottled Up Secret
McNamara, Brian
November 2014
Brendan Madden is in the midst of his senior year of high school and couldn’t be happier. He has a great group of friends, his pick of colleges, and he has recently come to terms with his sexuality. One night, he meets Mark Galovic, a gorgeous, younger classmate of his. In a matter of minutes, Brendan is hooked. As the friendship between them grows, Bren (more...)
Price: $19.95

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Boy Meets Boy
Levithan, David
New edition
There isn′t really a gay scene or a straight scene in our town. They all got mixed up a while back, which I think is for the best... And whether your heart is strictly ballroom or bluegrass punk, the dance floors are open to whatever you have to offer. This is my town.
Meet PAUL. Gay his whole life, and finding love as wonderful, confusing and hea (more...)
Price: $14.99

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Boyfriends With Girlfriends
Sanchez, Alex
Nominated Lambda Award Bisexual Fiction 2012
Lance has always known he was gay, but he's never had a real boyfriend. Sergio is bisexual, but his only real relationship was with a girl. When the two of them meet, they have an instant connection – but will it be enough to overcome their differences?
Allie's been in a relationship with a guy for the last two years – b (more...)
Price: $16.95

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Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories
Merla, Patrick
In stunning essays written especially for this collection, twenty-nine noted gay writers recount their true "coming out" stories, intensely personal histories of that primal process by which men come to terms with their desire for other men. Here are accounts of revealing one's sexual identity to parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and, in one notable instance, to a stockbro (more...)
Price: $26.95

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Boys of Summer
Berman, Steve
Walt Whitman referred to a "Mad, naked, Summer Night!" In the pages of Boys of Summer, acclaimed editor Steve Berman's latest anthology, talented authors and fresh voices reveal the allure and excitement of the season for gay teens. June always promises romance. July entices with its raw heat, and August offers a languid fire that will burn out before autumn's approach. (more...)
Price: $19.95

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Boy's Own Manual to be Being a Proper Jew
Glasman, Eli
When non-religious rebel Josh turns up at school, Yossi is asked to look after him, and while Yossi educates Josh on the ancient traditions of their race, Josh does some educating of his own. Through their relationship, Yossi learns to see the laws of Judaism in a very new light. But when he and Josh are caught kissing in the bathhouse, Yossi's life takes on a dramatic new turn (more...)
Price: $19.99

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Bully For Them:22 Successful Australians on Hard Lessons Learned
Scott-Norman, Fiona
Bully for Them is a collection of interviews by Fiona Scott-Norman with famous and successful Australians who had a tough time at school - either being bullied, not fitting in, or facing other adversities. The concept for the book is simple: many of the most popular Australians today were outsiders when they were at school. Not only did they ‘get through' those difficult (more...)
Price: $24.99

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By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead
Peters, Julie Anne
Daelyn Rice is broken beyond repair, and after a string of botched suicide attempts, she's determined to get her death right. She starts visiting a website for "completers"- www.through-the-light .com.
While she's on the site, Daelyn blogs about her life, uncovering a history of bullying that goes back to kindergarten. When she's not on the Web, Daelyn's at her private sch (more...)
Price: $16.95

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Closets Are For Clothes: A History of Gay Australia
Cook, Rachel
Some of the very first white Australians were gay and lesbian: they arrived on convict ships as free settlers and have a colourful and intriguing history. At times shunned from society, they fought long and hard to be seen as equals. From mollies to queers, gays and lesbians have contributed to Australian history in a most unique way. (Black Dog Books) (more...)
Price: $18.99

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Smith, Julie
Budding-psychic Reeno is the most accomplished teenage burglar in California, but one tiny screw-up and poof!—she's sentenced to Bad Girl School. And that isn’t even her worst problem. Her sister Haley’s dying of an illness no one can diagnose, and now she can’t even help.
But wait, maybe she can! The school psychics have found each other and formed their own club. With the (more...)
Price: $21.95

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Graham, H. Rachelle
Hailey Mancini can’t believe that her best friend Lisa White is letting Megan—the new girl in school—write her phone number on her hand. No good Mormon girl should have anything to do with the likes of Megan.
Lisa knows what the Prophets say about girls like Megan. But her prayers for the strength to resist have gone unanswered. She can’t help liking Megan as more than a fri (more...)
Price: $21.95

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Dare, Truth, or Promise
Boock, Paula
Winner of the New Zealand Post Children's Book of the Year Award
Willa and Louie could not be more different. Louie wants to be a lawyer and is an outstanding student. Willa lives in a pub and just wants to get through the year so she can graduate and become a chef. But they are completely attracted to one another when they first meet at a fast-food restaurant. Soon they fal (more...)
Price: $12.95

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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Cohn, Rachel & Levithan, David
It's Christmas-time in New York, and world-weary Dash has managed to persuade each of his parents that he is staying with the other, thus sending them both off with their new 'paramours' and leaving him happily shuffling back and forth between their empty apartments. Meanwhile, Christmas-loving Lily is bereft at the thought of spending Christmas without her full complement of f (more...)
Price: $19.99

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Define Normal
Peters, Julie Anne
Antonia is a "priss," Jazz is a "punk." Antonia belongs to the math club. Jazz hangs out at the tattoo parlor. Antonia's parents are divorced and her mother struggles to pay the rent. Jazz is from a traditional family and lives in a mansion with a pool. But when these two very different girls find themselves facing each other in a peer-counseling program, they discover they hav (more...)
Price: $15.95

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Definitions: Desire Lines
Gantos, Jack
Sixteen year- old Walker has accidentally discovered that two female classmates are lovers. When a rabid evangelical preacher arrives in their town, a witch- hunt is launched against gay students and Walker, for some reason, is the prime target. Walker knows the quickest way to divert the attention would be to give away the girls' secret- but should he sacrifice their peace of (more...)
Price: $19.99

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Don't Let Me Go
Trumble, J.H.
Some people spend their whole lives looking for the right partner. Nate Schaper found his in high school. In the eight months since their cautious flirting became a real, heart-pounding, tell-the-parents relationship, Nate and Adam have been inseparable. Even when local kids take their homophobia to brutal levels, Nate is undaunted. He and Adam are rock solid. Two parts of a wh (more...)
Price: $21.95

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Down To the Bone
Dole, Mayra Lazara
Expanded author's edition
Here's what it means to be a tortillera.
It means you're a girl who loves girls.
Which means you get kicked out of Catholic school faster than Mother Superior Sicko can say "immoral."
Which means your wacko Mami finds out.
Which means you're kicked to the curb with nowhere to go, and the love of your life is shipped off to Puerto Rico to (more...)
Price: $21.95

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Drama! Entrances and Exits
Ruditis, Paul
It's time for the Fall One-Act Festival, and Hope gets the honored privilege of debuting her very first original play! With Bryan directing and Jason and Sam as the leads, it seems as if nothing could go wrong with this dream team of talent. But where's the fun in that?
Enter Sam and Jason's onstage chemistry that's so hot, it's working overtime offstage! Course, Sam's real- (more...)
Price: $15.95

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Drama! Everyone's a Critic
Ruditis, Paul
School's out, but the drama never stops at the superposh Orion Academy. Hartley Blackstone -- the famous director, producer, choreographer, and genuine Broadway icon -- has chosen Orion to hold auditions for one lucky guy and girl to attend his summer theater program in New York City.
Naturally, every wannabe-It girl and boy at Orion is going mad, prepping to win Blackstone' (more...)
Price: $15.95

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Drama! Show, Don't Tell
Ruditis, Paul
Every performance needs a little scandal and... Drama!
The Renaissance Faire has come to town! Okay, so the exclamation point doesn't make it any cooler, but Sam is overjoyed to reunite with her former faire folk (say that ten times fast). Bryan, on the other hand, can do without all the "thees," "thous," and -- oh yes -- man tights. But he'd best take part in the fes (more...)
Price: $15.95

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Drama! The Four Dorothys
Ruditis, Paul
Every performance needs a little scandal and . . . Drama!
Spawned from Hollywood's A-list glitterati, nearly every student at the exclusive Orion Academy is a singer, dancer, model, or actor -- with the ego to match. So how do you fit so many budding stars into one school musical?
Multi-cast, of course. It's a Wizard of Oz like no other: four Dorothys, two Scarecro (more...)
Price: $15.95

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Lockhart, E.
    Two theater-mad, self-invented,
    fabulositon Ohio teenagers.
    One boy, one girl.
    One gay, one straight.
    One black, one white.
    It’s a season of hormones,
    gold lamé,
    hissy fits,
    jazz hands,
    song and dance,
    true love,
    and unitards
    that will determine their future and test their friendship.
(Hyperion Bo (more...)
Price: $15.95

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Driving Lessons: You Know Who Girls Sophomore Years
Hesik, Annameekee
Abbey Brooks has recovered from her end-of-freshman-year heartbreak and has vowed that this year, her sophomore year at Gila High, will be different in every way. Her to-do list: get her driver’s license, come out to her mom, get (and keep) a girlfriend, and survive another year of basketball. As always, though, nothing goes according to plan. Who will be there for her as her p (more...)
Price: $21.95

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